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Trans-European Division (TED)
West-Central Africa Division (WAD)
Chinese Union Mission (CHUM)
Middle East and North Africa Union Mission (MENAU)
Ukrainian Union Conference (UUC)
Israel Field (ISRF)

The Annual Statistical Report (ASR) is compiled by the Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research. Information is received quarterly and annually from each of the denomination's thirteen divisions (and three attached fields), which receive their information from the local conferences and missions by way of the union conference and mission offices. Additional information for the annual report is supplied by the officers and departmental directors of the world headquarters. Typically, an Advanced Release of the ASR's membership and congregational statistics for the most recently completed year is available in the Spring, while the completed ASR is published in the Fall.

A summary of the quarterly reports received at the Office of Archives and Statistics from the world divisions is available about three months after the end of the quarter. These quarterly summaries contain information about the number of churches, companies, and membership for each of the thirteen divisions.

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Credits and Comments

The Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research gratefully acknowledges the planning and development of this statistical analysis system by Erich Baumgartner (of the Institute of World Mission at Andrews University) and his research assistants. Further development and maintenance of the system has been entrusted to the Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research. We appreciate their willingness to allow us to host the results of their efforts.

Information in this system may not always agree with original statistical reports or include later official corrections. Please check any apparent inconsistencies with the official statistical reports.